Beer and Eierlikor

IMG_0340 bSerious packing up of my work at the print workshop, taking on board all I have learnt about sending prints to Japan! It takes the whole day. Sad to leave Dresden but now I am keen to get home.  Left early Saturday and drove to Cologne in about six hours through snow and fog which slowly lifted to reveal beautiful sunshine and the stunning scenery of the Harz Mountains. Cologne offered the Dom and the Ludwig Collection (great café) which holds the Haubrich Collection of German Expressionism, vast riches including an entire room of Beckmann’s.  Chinese dinner as sausages are starting to pall. Another early start to get to De Queeste in Abele for the afternoon opening of the Frances Blane exhibition. Sensitively and sparsely hung, the work of this London artist looked excellent, strong portrait drawings contrasting with dense heavily painted abstracts. Monday morning and outings to various haunts of consumerism to find all those special beers and glasses of mustard and cornichons that elude us in London. Home in glorious sunshine mid-afternoon to unpacking of beer and bottles of Eierlikor (see above) and opening packages from Amazon with books on the history of Germany and the DDR. There is much to reflect on from this trip, work to be done and books to be read. Thank you for all your kind posts,  there will in good time be further episodes to this blog and this work.

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