Dresden on World Cup Final night

A return to Dresden and what an odd afternoon to return.The streets are deserted, the road next to the Grafikwerkstatt is under construction and no trams are running and tonight is the World Cup final.I am here to continue making work and to negotiate further my exhibition at the Kreuzkirche next January. My apartment is close to the studio in Streisen, a quiet backwater, looks like old bomb site with some new housing and a lot of wilderness. A anonymous modern place, well appointed with much space and light, a good place to plot plan and think. My designated venue to watch the final is the Schillergarten, a vast pub cum restaurant next to the Elbe by the Blue Wonder bridge.I will no doubt by amongst thousands……….

One thought on “Dresden on World Cup Final night

  1. margarida

    Dear Monica,
    I wonder if you remember me. I am the Portguese girl – 19 years old then (now a grandmother of 59) who worked at you parents’ home as an au-pair, in the summer of 1974 !!!. I was zapping in the internet and all of a sudden I came up with your name and work. All my memories came so vivid in my head – your mother (whom I worshipped – she used to call me my portuguese daughter), you father (also so gentle with me) and the children – tom , peter and yourself, still sudying in an art school. (also remember your grandfather who was a dentist).
    Some years ago I went to London with one of my daughters (catarina) and went to see your home in14 wellgarth road. so many years had passed and I knew well where to find it. I even knocked on the door trying to find some traces of your family but noone answered.
    I seem you are producing an important exhibition about your family. Congratulations and go on with your important work.
    Who knows one of these days I can come to London and visit it and see you . I’d love that. I’m sure you don’t imagine but the months I spent in London/and with your family have influenced my life till now.
    I’d like you to know that in Porto,,Portugal, there is somenone talking about the Petzals. My children know about you, my grandchildren too!
    Hope you are well and happy.


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