Herbert School Project

What a great time I had working in December and January with pupils from Whitley Academy in Coventry. The girls were enthusiastic, full of ideas and worked liked crazy after hours at school to complete their archival Coventry Monopoly Board. I set them the idea based on the thought that this could combine research in the Herbert Archive, History Centre and Galleries with practical work in the classroom. Led by their teacher Danielle Noble they took it on with gusto combining old and new technologies, using their smart phones and school cameras to snap images of old maps etc and then combining computer generated images with stamping, silk screen, stencilling and painting to make this fabulous image. They discovered so much about their city, referencing their family homes, school and other familiar places, giving each street ‘block’ a map,a colour,  a name and a date. They also put together this Powerpoint.



Indelible Marks visitors’ book 2015-16

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