Holocaust Memorial Service from Coventry

I had contemplated the Kreuzkirche ( see below) for Sunday morning service, but appropriately  I am listening to he Holocaust Memorial Service from Coventry on Radio 4 which is moving, thoughtfully constructed and well done.
The opening  on Friday went well with a good attendance, flowers and kind words.I was grateful to Martina de Maziere taking time out from her busy schedule to come and bring flowers, she is very special. Torsten Leupold from the Grafikwerkstatt, ever the most helpful took photos for me. After the opening we were invited to the annual Saxony clergy Pot Luck supper! Wonderfully hospitable and culturally surprising,the cabaret act with musicians in masks left us both amused and slightly baffled.
Yesterday I went to the newly opened Panometer which has recreated the 1945 destruction of Dresden.An excellent opening introductory exhibition and a spectacular experience with sound and light in the round of the entire site to be viewed from every level up to the viewing platform at 15 meters. I was ‘blown away’ an stayed for hours watching the sequence of light and music suggesting the events. A really staggering achievement and one not to be missed.

Panometer 2

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