Politics at the Frauenkirche

A fascinating evening at the Frauenkirche last night testing my German to the utmost and grateful thanks to the man who sat next to me, spoke impeccable English and whispered translation when I looked unsure.Under the heading ‘What do the People Want’ referring to the chant at recent demonstrations, there was an impressive line up. Particularly the Interior minister Thomas de Maziere who seem confident without being over sure, nuanced and questioning.I was interested in his idea that the demonstrations could be viewed as an opportunity to emphasise and  re assert the importance of politics and democracy in the everyday.
I was also impressed that this quite controversial and recorded for the radio meeting was held  at the Frauenkirche, which as someone was telling me lacks a regular constituency or congregation. Perhaps it is now carving out a different space for itself?
I am heartened to hear that the Dresden leader of pegida has resigned all his posts with the organisation following the posting of a picture of himself at the hairdressers posing as Hitler, always a problematic look.
Today a lengthy day with a 7.30 start on the exhibition which is nearly done, more images tomorrow.


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