British Printmaking Japan ,’Innovation and Process’.See

The 6th International Kyoto Hanga 2012 International Print Exhibition organised by the Kyoto Print Executive Committee has for the last ten years mounted an international Japanese print biennale in conjunction with China (2002), Bulgaria (2004), Thailand (2006), USA (2008), and Poland (2010). The invitation was extended for 2012 to the UK, to the joint curatorship of artist and renowned Japanese woodblock expert Rebecca Salter and artist and gallery director Monica Petzal.
Entitled ‘Process and Innovation,’ the exhibition selected by invitation only showcases printmaking which works imaginatively and experimentally within both traditional and new media.
The exhibition tooks place at the Kyoto City Museum of Art from 31 July – 12 August 2012. and travelled in November to the city of Kita Kyushu.There is  a full colour catalogue in English and Japanese, as well as a UK based website

In 2013 ‘Process and Innovation’ will become a Touring Exhibition opening in London in November in the new Bainbridge space in Union Street.