Stolpersteine / Stumbling Blocks

I have just returned from Dresden where I was for the laying of the Stolpersteine ‘stumbling blocks ‘ for my maternal family.These small 10 cm square concrete blocks, covered with a sheet of brass, which are then inscribed, are permanently laid into the pavement outside what was Werderstrasse 42, their former home which they fled in 1936. My grateful thanks are due to Susanne, Ronny and Claus who devote so much of their time to the Dresden Stolpersteine project.And to the formidable artist Gunter Demnig who in 1992 thought of this unique way of commemorating victims of the Nazi and who has now laid over 50,000 Stolpersteine, which makes the project the worlds largest memorial. See also


me and stiolpersteine for web Stolpersteine for web

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