Summer at the Grafikwerkstatt and a visit to the Bauhaus


Torsten Leupold and I at the press. He is the o ne in charge....

Torsten Leupold and I at the press. He is the one in charge….

The Bastei Bridge

The Bastei Bridge

Summer in Dresden is hot and the workshop is a quiet, sultry space with few people choosing to work. This allows me the time to work with Torsten who is a model of both efficiency and patience at printing on the big offset press. I am not making new work ,rather I am re printing some of the hand printing I did in London in order to make a consistent body of work for the show both in Dresden and in Coventry.

The rest of my time is spent reading, visiting museums and bicycling, particularly along the Elberweg which is the path that runs directly along the river. Weekends are for seeing new places, last week it was Meissen, Moritzburg and Saxon Switzerland, see above. Yesterday it was a road trip to Dessau to see the Bauhaus, a building  I have long wanted to visit.I did the guided tour and the audio guide, it was a mixture of familiar territory and a revelation.Yes I knew the history and the personalities well, but what suddenly came home to me was all I had ever understood and been interested in both about the house I grew up in and the architecture I love. I now realise quite how much I grew up in a house inspired by the Bauhaus as well as the various Werkstatte in Europe and how my fathers love of all ingenious solutions stemmed from the same source.

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